August purchases

In August took a short vacation
which lead to some unplanned shopping.
These included frequent stops at Forever 21 and
then some at H&M... amongst others. 

Walked into H&M and after trying on this blue skirt for 24.95 and 
the color block blue and tan top for 17.95, 
decided they were meant to be together.

Then I decided that 39.95 USD was worth this houndstooth printed blouse. 
I love houndstooth.

On my various visits to any Forever 21 store I could come across, I
picked up several tops..

This kimono like one for 22.80 USD and 

this 70's like blouse cardigan for 17.80 USD.

I had wanted something with bow print for some time but all I had seen seemed
a little "too girly" that is until I found this for 17.80 USD.

Another Forever 21 top, this one for 5.99 USD

Also from Forever 21, Hello Kitty for 19.99 USD
Yes, I may be getting a little old for her, but
honestly I really do not care.

Billabong sweater - wrap - cardi - blanket for 9.99 USD.
I honestly have NO idea what it is but when I tried it on, I loved it
and thought I could bring it along when I travel.

A white lace dress Holy Codi Studio 3.99 USD.

Black trousers, Liz Claiborne 5.99 USD

Insight beige trousers 12.99 USD

BCX black high waisted trousers 14.99 USD

A pair of Ralph Lauren jean/pants in a warm khaki tone. 
I did not have a khaki pant so I guess I can justify this purchase
for the sum of 19.99 USD

A dress, a green dress: Evan Picone for 22.00 USD

Two Lacoste "miracles" at 9.99 USD each.

Certainly sunglasses. Why buy one when you can buy 3.
Liz Claiborne for 5.99 USD, other two for 1.99 USD.
And then I have 10 more pairs at home....

A huge H&M scarf for 12.99 USD

I liked the color and the texture, so I bought this bag on sale for 10.00 USD
and for 33.99 USD a big green tote bag from Tommy Hilfiger.

I have a little over a 100 which is waaayy too many for any of my friends 
and family but for some reason in blog land it's not a significant number.
For me it is too much. I don't have the space, but these 3 came home with me:

Bandolino brown loafer 20.00 USD - Tootsie Mootsie 19.99 USD - Nine West gold flats 15.00 USD

I took my time looking at all the pretty things they had in the accessories area 
at Forever 21. It is my personal opinion that they carry some really unexpected  items that have a vintage feel or aura around them. 
These work for me, I had a hard time
choosing but finally walked out with these:

Animal print bag necklace 6.80 USD 
Chair necklace 3.80 USD - 
Bottle necklace 6.80 USD - Mirror necklace 3.80 USD

Also in F21...
I recently discovered my love for matryoshkas 
or the russian nesting dolls and picked up these earrings.
The mustaches - well just because !

1.50 USD for the mustaches and 2.80 USD for the Matryoshka dolls.

I also thrifted.
Yep, one small thrift shop in Manassas 
turned out to be a real disappointment. 
I wanted more.
I patiently went back and forth looking at all they had and came home with:  


Escada flower blouse 3.50 USD

Marc Jacobs blue and gold button down 3.50 USD

To put an end to this month:

White and black tank tops Da Moda for 6.99 USD each 

Pijama like pants from Wild Girl for 9.99 ...

My total ?

I did not - do not - want to even add this up.

But, I just did: 482.22 USD

I have nothing to say - just that I went on vacation
and it lead to some unexpected shopping.

Let's go

Yes, I know it's only Wednesday, the middle of the work week.
but don't you just feel like going
out to grab a beer ?

Brown Gap trousers - Carven tank - Jeans shirt Tommy Hilfiger - Green bag Tommy Hilfiger -
Innovativi wedges

Let's go grab a a beer.

But, now that I think of it, I don't like beer.

I guess it's just an excuse to get out of the place I am right now.

Let's just go.