Product Review: Carita Intense Smooth Out Micro Peel

I have rosacea so I stay away from anything scrub like for 
my face as I fear it will only make my condition worst.

I know I can't be scrubbing my face but regular face wash
seemed like too subtle and then there are blackheads...
I was a little concerned about it irritating my skin - but I applied it anyways.
Yes, I can be like that.

So, i tried Carita's smooth out micro peel at home.
The product is applied on the skin - just a thin layer does the work - and then left to dry for a few minutes. 
It's consistency is light and has no smell and after is has dried up all you have to do is gently scrub it off  (it tells you exactly how in the instructions).

Lucky for me it is gentle enough for my rosacea prone cheeks.
My skin just feels so clean and smooth  !

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