Old Shoeform

While walking in the streets of Uruguay two or three years ago I heard my name being called by this colorful shoe form. Of course I stopped to say hi.

It usually sits around the living room on top of newspaper, 
magazines or bills so they won't fly away.
The bottom is metal and the wood was hand painted, a little corner 
has been chewed on by something white and fluffy - I am betting it 
was Marshmallow on her spare time.

The shoe form was only about ten bucks, which is why I regret so
much not buying the other form that sat next to it, it was black and
white and had a heel...

MNG t shirt - Zara brown button down skirt - MNG necklace worn as a belt

 - Qupid grey wedges - Marc Jacobs wanna be bag - IOBLU butterfly handkerchief bracelet

So, are you the type to even consider bringing old items into your home ?
Or are you like my mom who just thinks its all trash ?


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia Lore!! linda con esas solores de nude + marrones...ahh y un toque de colorido!! beijosss

Judy C said...

Wonderful outfit. And I understand about the chewed spot. I've got lots of them.

Style Journey said...

Love your neutral outfit with the scarf/bracelet for the pop of color! What a great idea :)

ana said...

I love bringing all kind of things to my home: old, rare, antique, from trips! this shoe form is sooo coool! and you look lovely! the belt and skirt suits you really nice!

Biba said...

I love your special finds, they're fabulous! And I totally adore your handkerchief bracelet, what a great idea!

De Vero said...

Que linda, me gusta mucho tu falda y tambien el cinturon!


Anonymous said...

Lorena - this outfit has such an understated elegance. I love it.

drollgirl said...

you look fab in this outfit!

i recently ordered FOUR pairs of new brown sandals/wedges/etc. come on! i figure one or two of them should work, and i'll return the others. at least that is what i am saying. and after this process is all said and done, i can start wearing more browns/neutrals. in theory, at least!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

That shoe form is very cool. I just adore the scarf bracelet.


LyddieGal said...

I hope she doesn't chew your real shoes in her spare time!!