Nothing to wear

Today I suffered from the nothing-to-wear-syndrome.
You stare at the closet for hours and although there
are more clothes than necessary, you cannot find anything to wear.
Even though almost everything fits, you find nothing looks good.

Anne Klein brown dress - Karma wooden beads belt - Qupid wedges

So, yes it was one of those days and
it took me forever to get out of the house...


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I get those days too, or I end up wearing the same outfits again and again because they work and I can't find anything different to wear! I'm having a Pyjama day today hee hee :)

Love, vanilla

Iris said...

I think dresses are the best solution when you can't find anything to wear, they're so easy!

Meli22 said...

I have those days all the time. Usually I end up looking not so great on those days. You look great though!!! I love that belt :)

Classy Career Girl said...

I hate those days when I have nothing to wear syndrome. I try to set out clothes at night so I am not constantly late! :) cute outfits!