Father's day


My father's day celebration always revolved around my grandfather.

He passed away on June 27th - almost 9 years ago.

Every time this day comes around I always remember that

last father's day we had together.

I remember I had bought him a shirt as a present and

that he put it on immediately.

This was kind of odd for me as the shirt was wrinkled from the box

and he was the type who ironed everything.

His mom had taught him to to iron and he was really good at it.

Many, many times while growing up in his home he ironed my clothes in the morning before I went to school.

Little did I know, he was not feeling well.

He was the kind of grandpa who would wash you car, make you delicious sandwiches, watch the Road Runner until he cried laughing.

He also loved Bugs Bunny.

He was the guy who made for me a dream come true wooden doll house, drove me to visit my boyfriend and

who along with grandma bought me my first car.

He would pick me up from school when I missed the bus and after track practice.

He took care of my car when it broke down, took me to the beach and to swimming lessons.

He was a father to me.

He was going to take me down the aisle at my wedding but his heart stopped beating a few months before that happened.

If you have a father, make that phone call pay that visit.

So wherever you are grandpa,

I love you.

Happy Fathers Day

¡Feliz día Abuelito!

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Emma said...

This is an Amazing post!

LyddieGal said...

That is so lovely, you were very lucky to have such an amazing grandfather.

Reading all these fathers day posts are making me sad. not becuase i've lost my father, but because we see each other every day and might as well be strangers.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

This is so beautifully honest, and a reminder of the things that are important in life.