Saturday in Buenos Aires

Sábado en Buenos Aires
DKNY Jeans · Zara brown turtleneck · Zara black vest · George black cardigan - Black flats - INC animal print scarf

I did a lot of walking today.
I love walking in Buenos Aires.
I was finally able to visit the Colon Theatre -on my last visit it was being renovated- well part of it still is, but I did not want to wait any longer.
Caminé mucho hoy.
Me encanta caminar en Buenos Aires. Finalmente pude visitar el Teatro Colón - en mi visita anterior estaba en restauración - bueno aún sigue en restauración - pero tenía que aprovechar la oportunidad.

I also found the El Ateneo Grand Splendor library.
It's located in a building that use to be a theatre.
It's breathtaking - I managed to pick up a book.
Encontré la Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendor.
Está en un edificio que anteriormente era un teatro -
el sitio es espectacular y aproveché para comprar un libro.

On another note I am still having issues with blogger....
am I the only one ?!


Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola Lore!! que hermoso hablar con vos por telefono!! mañana nos vemos..beijos

Jenava said...

I wasn't able to post yesterday and some of the time the day before. But it seems to be working now.

Buenos Aires looks very romantic!

Taylor said...

I *need* a leopard-print scarf now. You look great! Is it that chilly there that you need a turtleneck? (I know nothing about the weather in other places.)

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I can't sign out of blogger which is weird but nothing has disappeared again so I'm happy :) I love your leopard scarf :)

Love, Vanilla

Sheila said...

Blogger is back - they were having some issues for a few days.

I love the leopard scarf too. And *sigh* I would love to visit Buenos Aires!