Listography Wednesday

Better late than never !

I am soooo behind on my listography Wednesdays, where 
by doing lists we learn more about each other.

Here are two lists:

1. Ideas for earth friendly living

I think that the first thing is to be conscious and not do things so automatically.
There are so basic things and one of the most notable to me is: waste.
Avoid it when possible and IF there is you've got to see how to recycle it.
Personally I live in a country where recycling is not encouraged and 
where you have to run the extra mile even to try to do it !
So, it's like you REALLY have to want to do it.
I recyle paper, glass and plastic.

2. Qualities you look for in a friend

This is a really good one.
For me it's all about trust.
Someone who is a good listener,
 gives good advise, is grounded and can keep a secret.


Judy C said...

I think trust is a big issue now with so many internet openings for spilling secrets. I'd rather sometimes to spill my insides to a stranger than to someone I think might judge me.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola Lore!! eso es tiempo de renovacion!!
que tengas un hermoso dia!!