Thursday in Sao Paulo

I'm beat.
Just really tired.
I am up since very early and
had a very busy schedule.
Liz Claiborne polka dot skirt and top
One of the things I enjoy about traveling
for work is that my work environment changes.
Not only are my surroundings different but, the things
I do are also different. It's a good way to break a routine.

I walk around places that have a different air.
Hear different languages, talk to people that think differently,
eat things I would not dare try at home and it's all very fulfilling. 
I see places I like, for example I imagine what it would be
like to live this building:

Or how it would be like if I walked my dogs in these sidewalks,

I enjoy watching nature in the city- Aren't these trees just a work of art ?

There is so much to look at in the streets,
so much to learn from and so much to appreciate.

We are all spectators...


Delane said...

I love to travel for work now that I don't do it every week. It's fun to be out of my element but know I can come home to my routine

Emma said...

This outfit is my Favorite yet! This is Total Perfection! I Love the color combo and the retro feel.

Stacey said...

I love this outfit as well. I am so wanting a pearl bracelet. I loved the pics of your surroundings. Thank you so much for sharing :) I have NEVER seen such beautiful tree, ahhhh

LyddieGal said...

It is so fun to explore new cities and take in the all the little surroundings, that definitely looks like it would be a nice place to live!

Chic on the Cheap

YHOSIE said...

hi lorena,..

thank you for stopping by my blog..:)
im dreaming to have changes environment while working like yours.. sound lots of fun!

the trees are truly work of art!
i'll enjoy sitting there for hours.. :)

kisses from east java

Judy C said...

I have really been enjoying your travels. And I love your outfit today.

Vanilla said...

I love exploring new places :) but don't get to do it as often as I would like, Love this outfit too :)

Love, Vanilla

ana said...

Que linnndo tu vestido!!! y tus flats!!! a mi también me encanta echar un vistazo al entorno de otras ciudades cuando voy a trabajar o de vacaciones;) de pronto sin darte cuenta parace hasta tu rutina diaria y luego extrañas esos árboles, esa calle por donde pasabas o esa tienda a la que ibas por una soda. Feliz Fin de Semana ;)

KATHY said...

Hola Lore! que lindo la ropa de lunares..y estas pasando bien en SAMPA???

vizite la casa jardins es un shopping de lujo!! beijos

Bombshellicious said...

Lovely pics Lorena xx