Luxury examined

A few posts ago Ralph from Shybiker had an interesting piece where one of the things he 
pointed out was that for him time to himself and time to do things he enjoyed were a luxury.

A few days back in a business dinner a young company owner mentioned that living 
very close to work was a luxury.
He explained he felt this way, as he Could 
walk to work, thus saving him time - while many of his executives had to drive several hours 
to and from work. 

For me as Coco said it best:
  "Luxury must be comfortable, 
other wise it is not luxury".
A luxury is something that you do not need to live, 
your life does not depend on it.
You can live without luxuries.

However, now i think that luxury involves many aspects, it’s not just an expensive item, luxury can be defined and experienced in many ways.

Luxury also means different things to different people.

For me now the fact that I live close to work has become a luxury that I need to begin to appreciate and take advantage of.
I can walk to work.
I get home befote the sun has come down.
I Could engage in additional activities right alter work if I wanted.
Luxury is doing something that you enjoy
and that for other compromises we have in life,
we do not get to do as often as we would like to.

What does luxury mean to you?
Are there any Luxuries in your life?


Judy C said...

You have asked quite a question. I need to think about it. And it is a good thing to ponder and I thank you. You see, I think a luxury is something to be grateful for and i need to be more grateful.

Emma said...

My Luxuries include a sunny day at the park with my kids (we don't get many sunny days in Seattle lol), Sleeping on the top bunk in my Daughter's room because I never had bunk beds as a kid and the top bunk is the coolest and my Luxury shoes which I don't have many of.

Emma said...

I sleep in the top bunk once a week when my Husband works nights lol.

Michelle Lee said...

my luxury includes everything that brings me joy in life
great post!

Shybiker said...

Intriguing post. And thanks for the mention.

Delane said...

I walk to work, I love it and it is a luxury. I also think buying my food where I buy it and buying mostly organic is a luxury. And then there are some my purses and shoes and clothes. all luxuries.

Biba said...

My luxury is being able to work from home and take care for my children. Have breakfast with them, take them to school, prepare their lunch... Many parents have to work long hours and only see their little ones at the end of the day. I couldn't bear that. This is my luxury. And then there's a million pretty little things bursting with colour that make my heart jump with joy - either purchased or self-made - that are a total luxury as well :)

Vanilla said...

I think Luxury to me means crisp white bedsheets and silk bath robes and being able to walk to the shop if I need milk rather than have to hop in a car (or in my case have someone drive me as I can't drive) just little things like having a cup of tea in a beautiful vintage tea cup :)

Love, Vanilla

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

this is such a very nice post....
Luxury for me is cuddling and hugging with my husband...we had never dated for so long before we got married, but Im the luckiest girl bec we had our first night on the wedding day! After having the baby, we thought of dating and hanging out- the opposite for most couples...this is our goal from thsi time is even holding him....