Lace Again

I have been wearing this top over
and over - over the past few weeks.
7 For All Mankind jeans · Forever 21 Pink lace top · Kenneth Cole Reaction peep toe · Pagani bag

It's comfortable, lightweight and I needed to put
something on before walking out of the house.
Lately, I get dressed, just because I have to.

I will be packing tonite, but in the meantime I
am getting all the puppy love I can give and get.

That's Vanilla in my arms she is 6 and 
Marshmallow who is 3 is the fat one on the right.

Hello Kitty watch (gift from mom )                    TOUS silver butterflies (gift from H)

Do you have pets ?


Biba said...

I'd love to have a cat one day (unlike my husband...), but for now my boy & my girl are my precious little 'pets'! We'll be moving into a house soon, so I guess more chances for an animal or two...

Stacey said...

Love the pink lace blouse and those butterfly jewelry - I WANT!!! Very cool :)

Franca said...

and a very lovely top it is too!

KATHY said...

Hola Linda!!! look lindo y romantico..y los perritos hermosossssss

Miss Emma Kitty said...

OMG! I have the same watch lol.

Biba said...

Hi, it's me again. Thank you for the brilliant idea about the T-shirts - you're very welcome to have one embellished by me; just let me know the size of the T-shirt you'd need & preferred colours for the flower. I can make one and post it on my blog; should you like it you e-mail me your address and the 'flower-power' shirt will be on its way!

La Mary said...

quiero tu relojjjjjjjjj!!!! y tus perritos, que lindos que son!!!
Un besito reina.

Carolina said...

very pretty top!! ^.^ y el reloj de hello kitty esta hermoso!!!
ahh hoy empezo el giveaway en mi blog!! checkaloooo es de una dise~adora GDL! ^.^ esta PKM