Listography Wednesday !

I'ts Listography Wednesday !
Where you learn more about me and I learn
more about you by making lists....

Today's list is :

Which film characters are most like your personality?

Ok, this is not good.
My brain is not good at storing
movie information.
I see them, I forget them.
I saw Black Swan last week,
I already forgot about it, 
even without really understanding it...

So, I am going to cheat here...
I will tell you about two sitcom characters that multiple
friends relate me to.
Because right now I cannot relate to any character on my own.

One of them is the deranged Rose from Two and a Half Men,
 played by Melanie Lynskey.

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And the other is the not so sane Elaine played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus 
from Seinfeld.

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I actually adore both shows !
However I do not think that friends relating me to these
two gals is a positive thing.
I think it's kind of telling
me something.


Judy C said...

At least you are likened to someone really hot. My boyfriend and I think Rose is the bomb.

Stacey said...

LOL, my brother always says I am Elaine from Seinfield :)
Although I can sometimes be Ouiser on Steele Magnolios HAHA

Shybiker said...
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Shybiker said...

Ha! These are your friends?! I can't imagine how resembling these nutty women could be good.

From the little I know about you, you're nothing like them at all. On this blog, you appear sane, mature and with a terrific sense of style.

(Prior comment had a typo in it.)

Sheila said...

It's telling you that you're fun and a little quirky!

Torrie said...

Sorry it's been a while! This is a crazy-busy month, and I've had a hard time staying afloat in the blog world.

This is funny. I had to have my husband help me kick-start my brain on this list. I was kind of afraid of who'd he'd say. But he didn't go in the 'character flaw' direction, which was nice =).