Finally time to change my perfume !
My last one lasted quite a long time, 
to be precise  I had been wearing it 
every single day since the
end of December.
This week I began using my 30ml spray bottle
of Roberto Cavalli's:

Just Cavalli Pink 
Its nice.
In my case, I do not smell it on me which
is a MUST for me to love a fragrance 
(yes, I am selfish like that).
It has this subtle smell of flowers, like hibiscus that
stays around for a few hours.
Only not as nice as it's mother:
Just Cavalli Her, but nice.
I see someone in their late teens - early twenties wearing it.

Me, well, I will use it up until the last drop is gone !

I only use one perfume at a time.
I have walked into people's homes and have seen
a zillion perfumes on their dresser... not me.
I go one per one.


Vanilla said...

Great review :) I think I might like this fragrance

Love, Vanilla

Shybiker said...

I've got to search this out and try it. Good luck!

La Mary said...

Yo soy de las que tiene muchos!!! me gusta ir cambiando, asi no me pueden pillar el rastro, jajaja.

Anonymous said...

I loved Flower by Kenzo, until I found Moschino Hippy Fizz. Once I had a zillion perfumes on my shelf too, that was the times when my silly boyfriend was giving me a new bottle of perfume every other week. For now I'm still in love with Hippy Fizz.