Driving to the Beach

Saturday afternoon I drove to the beach.
It's only about an hour's drive, which I due to my extremely
slow "Driving Miss Daisy" style is turned into almost 2 hours.

Jean Jumper Forever 21 · Zip flats

My final destination on Saturday was a friend's beach house.
Since most of my friends' beach houses are or were their 
parents' most of them have quite a few "vintage touches".

Talking about it, we figured the reason was because whenever an item was replaced at their home in the city, the old items were taken to the beach house.
Well, with the exception of this recorder, which my friend remembers
being taken out of the box some 30+ years ago, by the way, it still works.

Check out the floor and Vintage chairs ... !

We never made it to the "actual" beach. 
Instead be hung out at the pool and enjoyed the breezy weekend.
As you can see, even the dogs had a good time.

Vanilla soaking up some sun.
Marshmallow after rolling on the dry grass.


Vanilla said...

Awww pets do funny things :) Looks like you had a great day :)

Love, Vanilla

KATHY said...

ahh Lore..la perrita linda!!!
muy bueno el outfit..besos divina

Franca said...

Gorgeous vintage stuff! and I love the dress! Or is it a romper?

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Love your sandals with that Fabulous Jumper. That is the perfect beach outfit ! The weather looks Great, I am very jealous.

LyddieGal said...

Marshmallow is HILARIOUS!
Don't you love how they manage to just get completely covered in debris...?

Sheila said...

That looks so fun! I love seeing the dogs.

Love your jumper and shoes!

Jenava said...

Love, love LOVE your jumpsuit. It's perfect for the beach! And, the beach house looks so perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Anonymous said...

Poor marshmallow! Totally made me laugh! :D
My grandpa has a similar recorder on his bed table, it still works too. :D
Love your flats.