2010 Favorites

I have seen many bloggers do their yearly recaps in which they 
peruse their blogs and look for their favorite looks.
I thought I could do it too.
So I began looking month after month, to realize that it was
not easy to find a look I really, really liked.
The reason: there weren't that many.

      Feb 17, 2010

To my own surprise my first picks were of days I wore skirts.

Then I flipped through March:

I liked nothing from April !

My May picks included more skirts and shorts:

 June had a few nice looks:

My picks from the months of July and August were also skirts.
This coming from someone that 5 years ago would have been 
caught dead in a skirt or dress is really meaningful.

During september I chose two looks, that
coincidentally had the same belt. 

For October a vintage dress and black trousers...

November's choices were: you guessed it, more dresses
Finally December...

You cannot imagine my surprise after I finished my round up.
Only one look in jeans.
Only two looks in trousers.
The rest are shorts, skirts and dresses.
I totally did not expect this.

Have you done a yearly recap ?

Did you find anything about yourself ?


Anonymous said...

I didn't do recap post. I'm looking into hopefully brighter future :D
Anyways, if I may say, my favourites looks would be black dress and white pants from March, black dress and polka dot skirt from May, white dress from June, both looks with the same belt from September, then gorgeous red dress from October, and then all four last looks. You look beautiful in skirts and dresses :)

Bombshellicious said...

Love Januarys and Junes very nice xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! (As always.) You wear dresses like no one else, I'm surprised you were surprised. ;)