That dress from Buenos Aires

I usually travel a lot for work.
Last year during one of those travels
I had a weekend off in one of my favorite places in 
South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
One of my favorite things is their markets, 
the most touristy one: San Telmo.
It's every Sunday and it's endless.
Last year while at San Telmo, there was this lady selling
vintage dresses and I fell in love with this purple one.
She did not have a place for me to try it on so I did what I could
and undressed (just a little) in the park so I could try it on.
I paid about 20.00 USD for it.
When I got home after that trip I tried on the dress 
and it was a bit tight and had tiny holes at the hem.
Today is my very first time wearing it.

The dress had no tags so there is no way to know size, 
maker or place of manufacture.
This morning I am just happy it fits.

Vintage dress · Arena Milano bag · Obsession animal print flats · 
I think I had been afraid of trying it on as it was tight before, but I 
am trying to wear all the unworn items I have in my
closet and this was one of them plus a year seems too long !
Also during my trip to Buenos Aires I visited
Buenos Aires design where I picked up these textile barrettes which 
I am also wearing today to show off my haircut.


Sheila said...

What a lovely colour on you! You look amazing in purple. I love the history of the dress.

Franca said...

that dress is so so pretty and so special too!

Biba said...

This is one BEAUTIFUL dress. It suits you perfectly.

ana said...

It's a beautiful dress! I love the color and the pattern!!! I have clothes I'm also afraid to wear them because I think they won't fit... but when they do I'm the happiest person on earth ;)

drollgirl said...

i love it! what an awesome find and a super deal! it is beautiful! AND SO IS YOUR HAIR!

p.s. i want to shop in south america. NOW. i bet the markets in argentina are to-die-for. argh. wish i was there!

Delane said...

Love the color. I think it would look awesome with a really thick belt in silver or or Aegean blue.

I love open air markets! Madrid Spain has one of the best I have ever been too!

Anonymous said...

love the pattern of the dress... and ur matchy matchy hair clip is just cute!