The Heart is a Traitor that Lives Inside ...

I picked that line up from a Spanish soap opera:
"The Heart is a Traitor that Lives Inside"
" El corazón es un traidor que vive adentro "
Dress INC · Belt Forever 21 · Cardigan George · Bag Arena Milano · Shoes Nine West

I thought it was the most certain phrase.
Feelings cannot be controlled period.
Being the control freak I am you can ONLY imagine
how this works for me.

On another subject, is this too short for work ?

Earrings and pendant: Tiger's eye gift from grandma

How about answering a simple question:
Are you where you WANT to be ?
Or where you HAVE to be ?


Melissa said...

I love the pop of color in the belt and that dress is fantastic! It is definitely NOT too short for work. It's knee-length and that is always appropriate!

(And to answer your question...I'm where I have to be for right now...)

Sheila said...

I love that dress - it's not too short at all!

Biba said...

The dress is lovely!

I am... a little bit of both. I want to be with my family but my heart would be happiest if we lived in the UK. So basically, I'm WITH WHOM I want to be WHERE I have to be at this point in my life.

KATHY said...

Lore..que cinturon lindo este celeste!! ame..besos!

Shybiker said...

Pretty dress. Not too short.

I'm heading where I want to go and moving in the right direction is rewarding.

Have a happy holiday, buddy.

LyddieGal said...

No... and probably not.

I love the snake print dress. Ohhh I would have fun remixing that one.
And I don't think it's too short, but I'm always pushing that boundary...

Delane said...

Love the dress and NO it is not too short. I was going to comment on how perfect of a length it is on you. Your legs look great!

Anonymous said...

its not too short at all.. it looks business-chic! nicely done, lorena :)