Product Review: Carita Le crème parfaite corps

This Carita body cream has been discontinued.
(or so I've heard)
Well, at almost 300.00 USD for 200ml, I do not think
it was going to make it into my wish list.
This body cream was a gift. 
I have been using it for about 2 weeks now.
The first time I used it my legs itched a little.
Which could be anything from me shaving that day to
me being in the pool.
The smell is neutral, cream feels thick and rich.
A little goes a long way and when you apply it, you 
can actually see the real gold particles that are left in your skin.

This cream is supposed to help with the firming, toning of the 
skin and the aging process.
Honestly speaking at only 2 weeks of using it, zero exercise and
not even drinking 8 glasses of water a day..
I can only say is that is A TRUE moisturizer and
that applying it makes me feel like a million bucks !
Maybe I have not given the product enough time to work 
its magic.... but in the meantime can you tell me if 
you have found a toning-firming cream/lotion that
actually works ?


Delane said...

I use nevia.

I use to use la Prarie, it was gold in a pot. I bought a condo, now I use nevia.

I don't think it works any better or worse than the expensive stuff.

devilishlypleasurable said...

it's always great to find some awesome product that actually works. . for toning/firming/slimming I used to use ZA bodyshaper. works marvels.