Pop of Color

It's Monday !
It's also payday!
I am happy as yesterday finally,
F I N A L L Y ,
after searching all furniture stores in
the city:
I found my bed !
It's getting delivered today, I will tell
you more about it later.
For me, 
Happiness = Color
Vintage dress EBAY · Bag Liz Claiborne · Shoes Payless · Belt Forever 21 · 

I wanted to be colorful today and picked
this vintage dress that you have seen before.
Hopefully I can transmit my happiness and
wish you a wonderful, magnificent

Sending you good vibes !


KATHY said...

Lore! este esmalte esta divino!! la combinacion de colores esta linda! besos

Sheila said...

All this colour makes me very happy - wonderful! You look gorgeous, Lorena. :)

Franca said...

love the colour mix! well done!


Me encanta el rojo y el turquesa y no sabes la envidia que me da verte tan veraniega, odio el frio!!!


drollgirl said...

you look beautiful! positively RAVISHING IN RED! it is your color!

and you do not need to worry about me. i do not plan on getting a prison pen pal...EVER! lol :)

Biba said...

Fabulous outfit, love the colours!

Shybiker said...

You sound so happy! That's great to hear. And your bright outfit matches your mood.

Some of my family used to live in Rye, so I know the area. I'd love to meet you sometime when you're visiting New York. I'm on Long Island, about an hour east of the City.

Anonymous said...

love your nail polish, your wedges, your belt and your earrings, and of course the dress.
Why the weather is so cold in England, why why..

Frances Joy said...

Love it! I love all the colors together.
Yay for a new bed!

Anonymous said...

hah! finally! the searching has come to an end, congratz!
cute belt!

Delane said...

Love the colors and love love love the earrings.