Pink Friday Polo

It's been a pink week... a busy one too.
Boss in town, a lot of events going on at work and 
juggling to make sure it's all perfect.
Next week will be beyond busy, I cannot even
begin to tell you.

But, today is Friday.
I am so looking for this day to be over so I can go 
grab a drink or two ...

Throughout the week I have been telling you about
people in my life that have been affected by cancer.
At the end they are little success stories about both, men and
women that have been able to conquer cancer -so far- and move on.

Today I will tell you about my MIL.
She is almost 60, mother of 3, just about to retire.
She has been battling breast cancer for almost 13 years, on and off.
It has come back 3 times.
She is a calm woman, sweet and peaceful.
Her condition is unpredictable, now the cancer is 
in her lungs and most of her liver.
It's been a tough couple of years.
A lot of ups and downs.

If you saw her, you would never even think she was sick.
She tries hard, really hard to keep herself together.
She always smiles and has something pleasant to say.
Of course she breaks down sometimes,
it's only normal.
I think her attitude has a lot to do with her
coping with the disease, she has decided to fight.
She has the attitude of a winner.


KATHY said...

Hola Lore!! como estas?
viva el Rosa !!! la camisa es linda..bien feminina!!

besos hermosa

20 York Street said...

Yay, you are participating in the aWEARness campaign and you're keeping up so well!

What a sweet post, gracias!


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