My dogs like getting dressed up.
Specially Vanilla (in red) who will actually pose for pictures.

Marshmallow (in white) who is a little younger is totally
crazy and will not sit still for a second !

We put the costumes on wrong as Vanilla should be the angel 
and Marshmallow the devil...

I am probably dressing up like Samara from the movie The Ring, just
to get a kick of terrifying kids when they come knock on my door for
trick or treating...

What are you dressing up as ?


LyddieGal said...

Ahhh, probably nothing this year, but i'll put chloe in her devil costume (she hates it).
Your girls are adorable!

KATHY said...

ahhhhh lore..son lindosssss
feliz dia das bruxas!!!

Anonymous said...

your dogs looks very cute! :D I have never dressed up for Halloween actually. We've got this other party we Lithuanians dress up for, it's a pancake day, also known as Shrove Tuesday. And yes, we go knocking on our neighbor doors asking for sweets or money on that day. :D I once dressed up as a monkey :D Then I've also been a witch and a hippie. Good old times.. :)

Shybiker said...


Delane said...

too cute.

I dressed up as nothing. I had a race this weekend. It was kind of nice not to have to stress about a costume this year.