Horse Exhibition

I just realized I do not have a single horse photo, well just a pony.

Went to a small private horse exhibition on Saturday and did not take 
pictures of the horses.
Maybe I did not take pictures because I am not into that type of stuff.
The thought of an animal being trained for amusement is not 
something I enjoy or endorse.

Voyou jeans - Brown boots Bandolino - Forever 21 blue top
The only reason I went was because we had not been to the countryside since January and also because it was an invitation from this really nice couple.
I chose to wear the exact same thing I wore on Thursday to work..
just added a belt and boots.
I like to be able to do that... versatile.

Here are some pictures from that day... 
I basically enjoy the green !

These boots have been repaired so many times,
that I have lost count !
But, they are so comfortable, it's been worth every penny.


Meli22 said...

I really like how you transformed the outfit with the belt and boots :) I love how some people can wear loose tops and look so GREAT in them! I wear a loose top and I look like I am either drowning in a sack or pregnant lol

ana said...

que guapa! me gusta como se te vé la camisa ;)

Iris said...

Wow, I really love the tunic and the way you styled it in this outfit :)