Product Review: Vogue ONYX

Ok, I hear you.
Call me cheap.
Cheap for buying a VOGUE brand nail polish for 1.00 USD
and expecting for it to work wonders.
It took me 4 coats of this black Vogue nail polished named 
ONYX to do a decent job.
Four. That is too much.
Now, on the other hand I have had it on for a four days and
have washed dishes like a maniac. They chipped on the 5th day.
So I am not quite sure on how to rate it....
I guess it depends on what is more important to you.
For me, I will have to give it another try.
Anyways if I don't wear it ever again I always use black nail polish 
to repair minor things around the house.
Such as shoes that have scuffed, brown furniture that has scratched and anything else that just needs a little dab to cover up.


Clau! said...


Gracias por tu comentario... ahora con el trabajo me cuesta actualizar tan seguido pero trato de hacerlo cada que tengo tiempo :)

Que padre tu cinto del post anterior ñ_ñ


LyddieGal said...

For a dollar? why not? I hate spending more than $5 on a polish - they all chip in a few days anyway!

Chic on the Cheap