DIY: Tie Wrap Belt

A few months back while reading Euphoric Agony,
Delane mentioned she was sporting a belt made out of ties.
That image stayed in the back of my head.
A few weeks back I asked my H to give me two of his ties.
Ties he was no longer using and that had similar colors.
He gave me a striped yellow and blue and a checkered
yellow and blue.
First thing I did was throw them both in the washing machine
 as they were a little stiff.
After they were dry I took the wider ends and put one tie
on top of another inserting triangular ends and then
sewed them into place making sure that the thread
did not show up on the side that would be visible.

After it's been really well sewn (remember that you have to 
pull on it in order to tighten it around your waist)
then I just put it on.
The wide part of the ties and where they have been sewn together
becomes your front and center.
You cross them at the back and then tie it up front.
You can let it loose or just make a bow.
I found it a great way to recycle old ties.
The best part is you can make any 
combination you can think of and the odds of running
into someone who is wearing the same belt as you, 
well ... it is very less likely for that to happen !
Since I made this tie belt out of a description, are there any of you 
out there how have made them differently ?
If so please share !


Iris said...

OMG I am trying this ASAP!!!

anita said...

me ha encantad la idea, te ha quedado genial!

Kristen said...

That is SO clever! Love the two patterns and the pale yellows and blues combined.

Sheila said...

That is awesome, I might have to try that!

Megan Mae said...

Really awesome tie-belt! Out of Ally's ties I made two a lot similar to this. The others I turned into belts that had buckles. I still have 8 ties so I'll definitely want to try out this if I have matching ones left.