Product Review: Bioderma works for me !

I got to know this product existed through my dermatologist.

I have oily sensitive and skin and on top of that rosacea.
Yay !
I had been removing make up with other products and on my 
last visit to the dermatologist, after he heard all my skin 
complaints he gave me a sample of Bioderma Sensibio H2O
a "micelle solution" - whatever that means.
It is a make up remover made by a French Lab, which I
was able to purchase via my local pharmacy for 20.00 USD.
This is the second time I buy this, so now I know this 250 ml 
size lasts me about 3 months.
This product has no smell, leaves no residue, it's perfect.
I also love there is no excessive packaging.
Just a bottle.
It removes ALL make up without leaving your skin dry.
Also, you do not need to wash your face 
after your make up has been removed.
It even removes my waterproof eyeliner softly, that is how good it is ! 
The thing is being a dermatologist product I have not seen any
advertising on it which is a shame, because it is really good.
Maybe instead of spending their money in advertising, they do it on research !


Bombshellicious said...

It looks good stuff Lorena, Itoo have senstive skin.xx

B a la Moda said...

Thanks for your advice. I have been buying cosmetic products from the pharmacy lately. They are good.

B* a la Moda