Stylish Blogger Award

The very lovely AND SMART (she can speak 5 languages!) Carla from Vitamins for My Soul was kind enough to send me this award which I must pass on to another stylish blogger who must then list 5 random things. Here are my 5 :

1. I love horror movies. But, there in an exception I cannot, cannot, will not watch The Exorcist. It ends there.
2. I am sure I was a stalker in another life, I have "tendencies".
3. Only one person knows about this blog, it's my H. 
4. I do not know how to make rice. Period.
5. I just became an aunt last week ! FINALLY my mom is a Grandma, that takes some weight off my back!

You are my pick: Delane at Euphoric Agony


Amy @ Varnish said...

Lorena! Why is your face all blurred out in every picture? I'm confused.

Carla said...

stalker....I am too...sort of lol
congrats on being an aunt! Im a first time auntie too, my sis baby will be 4 weeks old tomorrow

Delane said...


I'll have to wear a super stylish outfit tomorrow!!!