"Have you lost weight ?"

Well, not me but, have you ?
If you have lost weight, good for you.
There is nothing like the feeling of fitting into an 
old pair of jeans: simply priceless.
But, IF asked this question, what do you usually answer ?
Here's the top 10 I have heard:
  1. I wish !
  2. You think so ?
  3. I look the same
  4. Really ? I feel so fat.
  5. I am wearing Spanx
  6. Not after what I ate this weekend
  7. I still need to lose 10 pounds
  8. It's because I am wearing black
  9. Yesterday someone said I looked heavier
  10. It's because you love me...
Here's what I wore today:
- White pants Ann Taylor Loft
- Blue, black, green printed top INC (gift from mom)
- Blue satin top Yessica (gift from grandma)
- Grey patent peep toe heels Payless
- Grey patent tote by Arena
- Silver smiley face pendant, gift from Patty


Jane W. said...

Love the white with the layers! You look like the sea!

Meli22 said...

my response would be 'I hope not!'

I have medical issues and work on MAINTAINING my weight a lot. I drink Ensure quite a bit...

Carla said...

I have gained weight since I moved back to europe lol
and u do def not look pregnant!!
Btw, I tagged you for a blogger award, go check it out.
Have a nice day!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the white and blue/green together. You always looks fabulous.

Delane said...

My answer is yet..unfortunatly I say "only 50 more to go"


looking great today.

Taylor said...

I don't say anything, I just laugh.

I love this outfit! The pants, the beautiful cool hues of your top(s). Loving it!