• I hate animal cruelty.
  • I hate seeing people pick their nose in traffic, like their car windows have super powers and you can't see them.
  • Hate when I am aware my pants do not fit me but I eat the ice cream anyways.
  • Hate it when I wear earrings that turn my earlobes green.
  • I get pissed off when people cut in line at the super market.
  • I get pissed off when people show no appreciation whatsoever.
  • I get pissed off at receiving bad service.
  • I have no patience
  • I have little tolerance
  • I have an attitude (trying to control it!)
  • I am bossy
  • I am clever
  • I am lazy

- Levis jeans
- Purple scarf print top and matching headband Maroon
- Colorful flats Bamboo brand
- Silver butterfly earring and pendant set by TOUS


Jane W. said...

And you have a cute purple top.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great post.

Egoitz Azcona said...

Por qué siempre te tapas la cara?