I have pretty much done the basic stuff I need for the wedding my H and I have been invited on friday.
I have:
- Picked out a dress and had it altered
- Picked out shoes
- Picked out nail polish to wear (DARK SHIMMERY BLUE)
- Decided I will wear my hair up so the one shoulder dress can be appreciated
However I have not decided ...
- What purse/handbag to use
- Accessories on this very black dress

Can you help me ? 
It's THIS FRIDAY... so I am running out of time !
Pearls ?

More pearls ?

Garnet and silver set ?

Red textile flower ?

Silver toned brooch ?

How would you wear it ?
Any other suggestions are welcome!


hillary said...

I'd say no necklace but maybe big earrings?

I like belt idea. Do you have one similar but wider?

Bombshellicious said...

Silver toned brooch looks pretty or the flower, I agree no necklace because the neckline is so nice on the dress. Hope you have a great time at the wedding xx

Egoitz Azcona said...

Qué envidia!
De boda!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I'm with hillary let the dress stand on it's own with no necklace and earings or I kind of liked the red flower alone. Decisions, decisions! You'll look great no matter what you choose. Thanks for dropping by and the lovely comment at Moth Design. xo Erica

Clau! said...

Si, definitivamente no necklace, la parte superior del vestido tiene detalle asi que el collar está de más... tal vez algun bonito bracalete y una cluth quedaria perfecto... bueno es mi humilde opinión ;)


Sak said...

wow!! love all yr jewelery..u look beautiful..have fun at the wedding..eat lots of cake!!!

Kristen said...

Pearls, pearls, and more pearls! They really brought out the pretty neckline of the dress and your creamy skin. Pearls!

Jane W. said...

I agree with Kristen--pearls. The alterations came out great.

EvaNadine said...

im in the "no necklace" camp, as i think it detracts from the neckline of the dress. but i do love the idea of the floral brooch on the shoulder. maybe pair that with either a statement bracelet or be a little more unique and try an anklet!

ana said...

Pues a mi me gustó el collar de perlas de la primera foto... hace ver al vestido como muy chic... no sé, es jugar un poco con las reglas no?
como tu te sientas mejor ese día de todos modos te vas a ver guapísima ;)