I hate being late !

I hate being late... specially if it's someone else's fault.
Like this morning, my H.... he takes forever to get ready !
- Brown pants Camila brand
- White top Nathalie B. brand
- Brown, beige and mother of pearl sleeveless top Josephine Chaus brand 
- Silver sandals Payless
- Mother of pearl earrings and bracelet
- Straw, leather and textile tote (Moroccan souk)


Brittany D'Lynne said...

Very cute! I love the length of the white shirt with the shortness of the brown one.

Jane W. said...

That bag settles it. I have to go to Morocco.

ana said...

I hate being late too jeje... lovely outfit!

Sheila said...

I hate being late!

I love that vest-y top, so cute!