Same Top on Saturday and Sunday ...

I know what you are thinking...and YES, I wore the same top on Saturday AND Sunday.

Happens that I got dressed late on Saturday and ended up going staying home so I decided to wear the same top on Sunday.
- Jeans Tommy Hilfiger
- Top INC (gift from mom)
- Red flats Miz Mooz
- Yellow patent bag Liz Claiborne
- Silver bracelets
On Sunday we went to a nearby temple that sits on a nice hill, to which I wore:
- Jean skirt
- Blue top INC (gift from mom)
- Red patent belt
- Red flats Miz Mooz 
- Yellow patent bag Liz Claiborne
- Silver bracelets
My husband said I looked like a "corn cob" wearing this.. whatever that means !
Here are a few outdoor shots of a bright, sunny and hot day...
So, which one version did you like best, jeans or skirt ?

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Aditi said...

Pairing with the skirt is a winner, hands down :)