Plaid Monday and Shopping Ban Update

Yes, I have been shopping my closet.
I pulled out a pair of shoes I had not worn for almost a year and a plaid top that had also not seen the light of day for some time... 

- Black and white plaid top Emporium brand

- Black skirt Target

- Beige leather shoes Nine West

- Beige XXL Bag Urban Expressions

- Accessories: gold bangles - gift from Grandma, Gold Jade set (earrings, ring and bracelet) -gift from Mom.

In regards to the shopping ban, so far so good !
Oh, and I have other tips to help me continue with my shopping ban: 

1.Go to malls without your purse. 
I am serious. Do not take money with you.
Because of my job I have to visit malls, so you can only imagine how tempting this is... so no bag. It helped.

2. When you see something you like, mentally to find a piece in your closet that is similar to it. Most of the time, we already have a "look a like".

Are you also in a shopping ban ? How are you coping ? Any tips you can share ?


Amy said...

Love the bag!

Diana said...

I love this outfit and that purse is beautiful! I just wrapped up a shopping ban, but mine was less restrictive. I was allowed to buy second-hand and hand-made, and I had a set amount of free money once a month that I could spend on new things.

I like your advice to go to the mall without a purse. I found it was best to avoid the mall entirely, but if you have to go, not having any money with you probably helps to quell temptation.