Movie Night: Crossing Over

On Friday night, H and I decided to go to the movies with friends.
There were not many options as Avatar was only available in Spanish - I refuse to watch this movie in Spanish.... we had already seen Sherlock Holmes, my friends refuse to watch scary movies and I refuse to watch cartoon-Disney like films so we opted for Crossing Over with Harrison Ford. 
I have always loved Harrison Ford, so I thought the movie HAD to be a good one if he was in it.
It's an independent drama film (according to wikipedia) and to be honest it's one of those movies that just leaves you thinking... I personally liked it although my friends did not... I don't know it was different, it basically about illegal migration and all the stuff that goes on with it... if you have a chance, give the movie an opportunity.
To the movies, I wore:
- Jeans Talbots
- Black tank top
- Brown corduroy short sleeve jacket (H&M Barcelona)
- Black moccasins Miss Me
- Bronze tote Elvis Presley

Now, I have to say that while driving to the movies, I had the most spectacular sky....

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