DIY: CH Cuff

I received the Carolina CH perfume in April as a gift and just got around to it about a month or two ago.
The minute I laid my eyes on it I started touching the embossed leather and imagining it as a cuff.
But, it was not until yesterday that I got around to it.... this is pretty much all that you need:
- A bottle of CH Perfume
- Plyers, Small screwdrivers
- Black ribbon

You will use mostly the small screwdriver as all you need to do is patently poke around the metal that the leather is set upon. Don't try to remove just the leather as you will ruin it.
It does take some time, but it will come off. 
Now, If you have thicker wrists, instead of keeping it in one piece like I did you can always cut it and wear it as an open cuff.

The black ribbon or any other textile you wish to use, is to be glued inside the metal part. This gives it a more polished look and also avoids direct contact of the skin to the metal.

And voilá, that is what I call getting the most out of a perfume.
I cannot think of a reason the people of CH themselves could not figure out a way of making the most out of this packaging, specially knowing that at the end it just takes more space in the landfill.


Make Do Style said...

Great DIY project and such a good result!

Sheila said...

What a brilliant idea to get more out of the wasteful packaging on that perfume! Brava!

Clau! said...

Nice ;)
Great idea


B a la Moda said...

Qué creativa!! No se me hubiera ocurrido.

B* a la Moda

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

ingenious! i almost got a CH perfume but i don't think it's one in this bottle with the leather.

happy 2010!