Tuesday in Mexico

Tuesday was nutty here in Mexico.
First of all, I prayed (literally) all the way in the taxi from the hotel located in Zona Rosa to where I had to conduct a training. 
I was terrified that I had forgotten to reconfirm my visit - meaning nobody would be waiting for me where I was going... but at the end all of my people were waiting for me, thank you GOD! 
I owe you GOD.. yes, another one.

I was really, really exited to wear my tights today!! 

Yay!!! Its was a chilly morning that turned into a hellish day, so yes by the end of the day I felt like getting rid of them but, I could not as I was still working...
Today I wore:
- H&M black shirtdress - this is THE dress to have. I bough it in an H&M in Berlin and it has been one of my best investments ever. It's comfortable, does not wrinkle and has a perfect fit!
- Black patterned tights 
- Bata black leather pumps (bought in Paris)

So you like my tights ? Yeah you know you like them, No, you cannot have them.


Penny said...

Boy, that dress is amazing. I love the cut! Perfect LBD!! On those tights, I used to have a pair like that a long time ago and boy did I cherish them. Love, Love, Love!

Kristen said...

That is a GREAT dress, and the tights are adorable!

Lorena said...

BTW... I almost, ALMOST pulled my tights :(!