Thoughts on Mexico

Have you ever judged someone before meeting them ? 
My first time in Mexico was two years ago.
Well, I had already "judged" Mexico before even getting there and it was a slap in the face.
To be honest this country surprised me in the most positive way.
Unfortunately what we see on the news and even on Hollywood movies is usually not positive...
I find Mexico colorful, amazing in soo many ways, with a culture to envy, with marvelous food, places that take your breath away and to think it is only the tip of the iceberg ... there is so much more. 

I was so wrong about Mexico, so that being said - if you have ever thought about going to Mexico, what are you waiting for ? Pack your bags.

Did I mention the food...?

This was dinner: Tortilla Soup, Green Enchiladas and Fried Milk with melted chocolate ice cream... yeah I'm going to hell for this !


Penny said...

Not just Mexico, but of all of Latin America. People often think of Latin Americans in one way or another [usually in a negative way] and we [especially] are our own worst critics. I think it's the politics between each country that sets up in our minds what the other is like. Also, historically; there have also been tensions between Mexico and other countries [like with Guatemala,etc]

Once, when I was in Spain with a girlfriend; I had a Venezulana kind of ridicule me and my friend for A) being from the states and b) the way we spoke Spanish.

In fact, I've often had crazy scenarios in which other Latin's have made fun of the way Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Dominican's speak. To me, you can have an opinion on just about everything...but it has to come from a good place. If your opinion is based on racism, political tensions, ignorance, etc...then how can I make way in improving a said relation?

I'm glad you got around to liking Mexico...and I'm glad you were open about it too! That speaks volumes of says you have integrity and character.

I like people with character:)

Elaine said...

That's cool! I went to Cancun but it wasn't really "Mexico." I'd love to go and see the real Mexico someday!!

Lorena said...

Thanks for your comments!
Yes, indeed instead of trying to find things to unite, we do the opposite :(