Thursday in Medellin, Colombia

This very early morning... actually wayyyy too early morning, I am catching a plane to work in Medellín, Colombia.
I was beat up last night when I got to the hotel. It was really cold and it rained cats and dogs, seriously. I am just hoping that I do not catch a cold.

Since Medellín is a little warmer I will be wearing this:
- Black trousers Charter Club
- Black tank top
- Lace Teal wrap top - DKNY
- Burgundy patent peep toe pumps (Nine West)

But... add this : Light blue pashmina + Black cardigan by George for getting on the plane!

Now, answering Penny's question on any trends that I have spotted in Colombia, honestly I have not :(  but, mostly because I have been crazy busy.. just so you can picture HOW busy, how's 2 planes and 7 taxis in a day ?!

Here I tried to take an outdoor shot..but sorry ! too many people around.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look so tall and slim in the first shot and I love the way you tied the pashmina in the second shot.

Penny said...

Awe, too bad you had no time:( You look great though and I have to agree, I love how you wrapped the scarf up...but the last one is my fave!

Lorena said...

Thanks ladies... the tall and slim shot has got to be because of the camera as I am one small person :)