I always get compliments, when I wear this dress

Since mom is in the house and the "guest room" a.k.a. storage a.k.a. messy room was not in shape to house anyone, we decided to let mom and her H have our room.
This means that I have no access at 6 am to my closet. I know I should have picked out what I was going to wear yesterday but, I did not.
So in this "guest room" I have a closet in which I keep the stuff I have worn just once, or just for a few hours and that I think could be worn again before being washed.
In this closet I also keep the new stuff with tags that I have not worn yet.

I picked this out of the closet:
- Lanvin Vintage Dress
- Silver Belt
- Silver Sandals Predictions from Payless
- Silver Quilted Bag (no brand)

I wore this dress a week or two ago, only that I paired it with different accessories.

I walked home (yes, in THOSE SHOES) so this dress went right to the laundry bag.

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Penny said...

Yes, I've seen you pair this up with a red belt right? This dress is knock em down gorgeous. Looks wonderful on:)