Another one from "that closet"

Yes, once again I did not have time last night to get anything out of my room, so I went back to that closet. "That closet" is the one holding gently worn clothes and the new. 
I chose to wear:
- White Kensie Girl white silk dress
- Silver Quilted bag (no brand)
- Kenneth Cole red patent flats
- Turquoise necklace
- Yellow rose earrings

I recently wore this dress for my anniversary dinner.
Really liked how the colors did not interfere with each other.


Penny said...

I love the simplicity of the dress and how it allows you to mix it up with different accessories. Def. a favorite.

Lorena said...

Yes, that's also what I like about it... but on the downside it has to be dry cleaned (just realized)..
So I will try hand washing....