A Fall Tuesday in a Tropical Place

I feel that I am lacking content, if you know what I mean.
While I figure this out, today I decided that since the temperature is "fall like" in my office, I would dress accordingly.
Air conditioners are in freezing temperatures and no matter how much we complain they do not do anything about it, it's like they are unaware of global warming.

My attempt for a fall look:
- Black trousers Charter Club
- Black turtleneck from Zara
- Black, cream, white and gold sweater
- Black patent pumps
- Red patent bag
- Vintage Gold earrings (gift from Grand Aunt)

I could not leave without formally introducing one of my loves, who decided she wanted her picture taken. Meet Marshmallow a.k.a Malva. She is one and a half.


ana said...

Your dog is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

Penny said...

Your dog is too cutie pie! BTW, I'm sincerely sweating that sweater. I love the pendant and how it looks with the sweater....very 70's chic.

Lorena said...

Haha, thanks! She loves all the attention she can get.
Penny the circle "pendant" is actually part of the sweater and yes it's sooo 70's !