Nine, ninety-nine dollar dress

Yes, that is how much I paid for this dress: 9.99 USD
Lately I have noticed that my interest for dresses has increased, maybe it´s the prices in the stores or just that somehow it´s so much simpler to wear (minus the shaving).
Today I pulled out:
-Richard Chai for Target purple and grey dress
-H&M black cardigan
-Wilstar brand flat gray and black patent leather shoes - I bought these in Berlin last year. They are so comfortable !
-Neiman Marcus brand black patent tote (same as yesterday, courtesy of mom)
-Silver Hello Kitty earrings. I have to stop here. I have read the Hello Kitty Hell blog and laughed my ass off - but I love her. HK and I grew up together. I buy HK, mom gets me HK, friends give me HK. HK and I are meant to be. 
Maybe I should do a "tribute to HK week"... hmmm


Penny said...

I think you should defnitely post a tribute to HK! That would be the look btw and those shoes are soooooo em!

Lorena said...

I will indeed put something together with HK in mind !
But, I realized I have so many cheap dresses I can go on for another week - but, I won't :)

Jeannee said...

Love the purple skirt! I noticed when you first blogged you hid your face. Glad that changed!