DIY: Boring Black Dress comes to life

Black Casual brand Pom Pom dress - Black flats Kenneth Cole

On Saturday I went out to get some material for a project I had in mind.
Happens that I have a lot of black dresses in my closet, all types. 
Sometimes I do not wear them because I feel like I am wearing a uniform no matter if I change the accessories on it.
Anyways lazy me went out and bought some fuzzy balls in a pink hue? I call them fuzzy balls because I do not know how to call them. In fact at the store I just pointed out at them, "I want those".
Anyways all I did was sew it on to the hem.... and I wore it on Sunday !!
I loved the movement and the touch of color it gave the dress, I did not buy enough to do the sleeves, so maybe I´ll go back for more fuzzies later.
Everyone complimented me on it....


Penny said...

That really perked up that dress! I love the fuzzy balls--Great idea!!

Lorena said...

Tks Penny ! It was sooo much fun wearing it !