Compliments and looks

White dress with pockets H&M - Pom Pom necklace 

Green Lilly Ghost bag Dolce & Gabbana

Pink white gingham flats Christian Siriano for Payless

I love this dress. 

It's comfortable, has pockets and makes me feel good. 

Today while wearing it I got both: odd looks and compliments.



Sheila said...

I think it's awesome and the whole outfit is great, although I probably would have belted the dress (just 'cause that's me).

I'm used to the odd looks - I get them constantly. I've been getting a lot more compliments since COVID, though - people really respond to my outfits.

That bag is adorable!

Mica said...

Not sure why this got odd looks - the bright accessories with the white dress is such a winning combo! :)

Away From The Blue

Helen said...

I don't understand the odd looks - it's a great dress on you and looks so comfortable yet chic!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Hugely relatable! I'm no stranger to that combo myself and while I did tend to get it a bit more when I wore mid-century vintage fashions almost exclusively, my current (more eclectic) style still gets its fair share of stares, kind words, and (what people perceive as) sneakily taken photos without folks asking me first (lol!).

Autumn Zenith šŸ§” Witchcrafted Life