ASTR light blue pleather skirt - Pink peep toe flats no brand

White tee shirt White Stagg

The last few days have been dedicated to unpacking and finding a new place for everything in the new home.

Oddly even though we have double the space we had, I am having trouble organizing.

I am also afraid to put something away and then not being able to find it !


backinstyle said...

So glad to hear the bulk of the stressful move is behind you! It takes some getting used to inhabiting a new space, I'm sure the organization will come!

Sheila said...

I'm glad you're getting to finally unpack, but I hear ya on not being able to find things again!

I love this beautiful pleather skirt - what a great colour and shape it is.

Chelsea Finn said...

Love your skirt! It's such a pretty color!

xx Chelsea

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Beautiful combination of pastels, Lorena! I love that your skirt is faux leather and the color is so fun! I have been reorganizing much of my wardrobe and I am always misplacing where I have stored things! My problem is too many things!