Comfortably polished

Black and white polka dot trousers Worthington - White collar blouse H&M

Black vintage hand bag Paloma Picasso - Nude flats from Italy 

 I have to admit I loved this outfit, I felt like me again. These days I don't know who I am anymore or where I am going, regardless I cannot stop,  I keep on walking.


Sheila said...

It's such a cool outfit - I love those trousers, and they look fabulous on you!

I know. Just keep going, just keep going. I hate that everything is so unpredictable...

Shelbee on the Edge said...

What a great message, Lorena....keep on walking, do not stop! That is exactly how I have been feeling this past year. I love your polka dot pants and that fun dramatic blouse! Such a great look!