Too Often

Burgundy flats French Soles 

Light blue, white and black jumpsuit no brand

I ordered this jumpsuit and when it arrived and I tried it on, I realized it was one size too big. I could not return it, so I wore it. I swear that it looked better in the mirror than IRL. This happens too often.  

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Sheila said...

That happens to me too - I feel great, then when I look at the pictures, I'm like, UGH.

However, I do think you are being too hard on yourself, young lady. This is a fabulous jumpsuit and it looks great on you. Maybe a belt?

Hugs to you, my dear. I hope you're okay.

Mica said...

it's a nice colour on you and a great print, it's a shame the print was off! it's so harder ordering things online as sometimes you just don't know until you try things on!

Hope your week is going well :) We spent some time at the beach yesterday :)

Away From Blue

Gemma said...

I love the jumpsuit. I think it looks lovely! I have had this before where some of my favourite outfits have not looked as good on camera.
Gemma x

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I think it's adorable on you! I love quirky plaids like this and the jumpsuit is just so fun. I do have those outfits though that look much better in the mirror than on the camera. But I still feel good in them because the mirror told me to. Haha.