Half 2020

Black leggings Bershka - Top Style Mafia 

Burgundy flats French Soles

We are in mid 2020 and we have been locked up for 4 months. At the moment we do not have any idea of when this will end. 

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Sheila said...

Are you still in full lockdown? Things have eased up here, but with that, people have been having large gatherings and not distancing or wearing masks, and we've been seeing numbers rise again, which really sucks. I wear a mask at all times now.

Mica said...

That's a cute top! :)

I'm sorry you are still in lockdown though - things are almost back to normal here there are a few different things, like we have to keep our distances and we get temperature checked at some places, but schools are open and Iso is over. Still working from home indefinitely though, that might be my life for a while! At least we can get out and visit friends and family, must be hard if you can't do that!

Away From Blue

backinstyle said...

Stay safe, Lorena! Sorry to hear you are still in full lockdown. Our area has essential services open and other businesses opening with many restrictions. We are being very cautious, and only going out when necessary. You looks very chic and comfortable-that's a perfect outfit for being at home!

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