Acrylic Heels

Flower print teal dress vintage no brand, home made - Salvatore Ferragamo mini tote bag

Black satin heels with acrylic heel Zara, similar here, here 

February 13th.

I purchased these acrylic heels in a vintage shop in Genova, but don't get excited, they're from Zara.
They're not that comfortable but they give me some height. 

This is my first try at this dress, I added shoulder pads and belted it. I think it's not a keeper. 

Do you own any acrylic heels?


Sheila said...

I have a pair of wood/acrylic heels by Fluevog - I've only worn them once, and need to wear them again.

Good call on letting the dress go - it's very 1983!

the 4 M's said...

Never heard of acrylic heels. I do like the color of the dress but maybe the fabric could be upcycled for something else? Make it into a skirt or something else.