Elevator posts

Jeans H&M - Bright florescent shirt H&M - Velvet green loafers Zara - Mini tote bag Ferragamo

These days you'll be getting a lot of elevator posts. The reason is my mind needs to focus and there has not been time for many things. 

Regardless I take them, even if they are only worst than the usual ones, the main reason being that I like to document what I wear, which later on when I edit helps me track my cost per wear on items. 

Do you track what you wear? Is there a specific reason?

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Mica said...

I take a pic every time I wear something to document my cost per wear too - even if I don't like the resulting photo I share it anyway so I can search my blog for the pieces later, haha!

I'm trying really hard to focus on the 30 wears challenge this year with my wardrobe and identify pieces that are near that number so I can rewear them more frequently to hit that goal :)

Away From Blue

Laura B said...

I think documenting what you wear is a great idea to get a better idea of the types of things you prefer and get the most use from!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I think anytime we can get a shot of what we are wearing is a good thing!! I love that bright blouse Lorena!

Courtney Erin said...

I like having a quasi record of what worked and didn't work for me - I feel like it helps me be a bit more critical when I shop!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

backinstyle said...

Love this bright coral color on you, Lorena! I don't track my cost per wear in a structured way. Bravo to you for being so organized! I do turn the hangers around backwards when I wear something so I can see what is being chosen and what is being passed over. This helps me shop wiser, and not re-purchase items that I may love but I don't actually wear, or items that are similar to ones I already own. Have a good week!

Sheila said...

Elevator shots are fine! Whatever works for you! I love this bright colour on you.

I think you know that I document my clothes. :)

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I love this color on you, Lorena. And the elevator shots are fun! I like to track what I wear as well only because it is my creative outlet and I just like to have documentation of my creations! Thanks for linking up.