Coffee Run

Jeans Saltworks - Pink tee shirt no brand - Emilio Pucci tulip print jacket, another option -
White quilted hand bag Dooney & Bourke, grey option - Pewter horse bit loafers Italy, similar 

I would not consider myself a clumsy person. However today while at work I spilt an entire coffee cup on me, luckily it was not scorching hot. 

What was the last thing you spilt?

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backinstyle said...

Love that jacket. Floral+denim+pastels=I'm in! Spills happen, even to the most graceful of us, glad you weren't hurt! Have a great weekend!

Sheila said...

I would like to see a close-up of that patterned jacket - it's lovely! I need to see the print.

I am spilly person. L calls me "Captain Spillypants" (lovingly, ha ha). I spilled coffee this morning, and dripped egg on my home keyboard while eating breakfast. It's been a whole 4 hours since I spilled something!

I like your elevator shots!