Outfit builder

Black trousers Zara - Black button shirt Da Moda, sim - Black flats Parfois -
Vintage scarf Nina Ricci - H hand bag in transit

Long gone are the days I spent time putting outfits together a week or the night in advance, these days I am pretty much a grab and go outfit builder. 

How about you, do you take time to put your outfits together?

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Mica said...

I like the scarf with all the black! :)

I wish I could grab and go - I do sometimes on my SAHM days but most of the time I plan out my outfit the night before. I used to try things on the night before but don't always have the energy to do that now, ha! It just makes things easier in the morning if I have it all ready to go and laid out in advance. I lay out the kids clothes the night before too!

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

When I was working I was grab and go! The only time I laid things out was when there was a conference I needed to look a little extra nice for or when I was traveling.

Sheila said...

I like my outfits better when I spend more time putting them together, but I get the "grab and go" feeling.

Lydia said...

Oh I've never been good at planning outfits! Even when I've tried, there is always some reason why the next day I no longer like it or can't wear it. Of course maybe I should just listen to my therapist when she tells me to stop fussing over an outfit and just leave the house and see how it feels to wear it. I know what she is trying to prove, but still I struggle to be satisfied with the first thing I put on.